The most detailed road sub-roll maintenance repair experience (on)

Use the road sub-fishing and fishing, fishing, fishing, fishing, fishing, there is a very good effect, so he is attached to many fishing friends. However, the roller wheel used in Lure, whether it is a water drop wheel, a spinning wheel or a drum, is a mechanical product, and it needs to be maintained and maintained after it is used, otherwise it is particularly prone to problems. Fortunately, the structure of the roll is not complicated, the load is not very large, so the requirements during maintenance are not particularly harsh. So how should the reel bench be maintained? What parts have special attention?

Everyone may have this feeling. When I bought a roll wheel, I heard the most is about the number of bearing of the wheel, so how is the axis of the bearing, or less. In general, of course, it will be better, and of course, it is not to say that the number is, the better, which also involves a holistic design and various parts processing accuracy issues.

The most detailed road sub-roll maintenance repair experience (on)

The main role of the bearing in the roll wheel is to reduce the resistance of the rotary components, so that the fisherman can be more easily and smooth when the fisherman is incurred or thrown. A good bearing is of course far from the distance. Therefore, when maintenance is maintained, one of the most important components is the bearings. Whether it is a spinning wheel, a water droplet or a bullet, it is necessary to check its lubrication based on the usage. Second, it is necessary to mention the worm and crimping in the water droplet wheel and the drum, that is, everyone is known as a twist shaft and half a monthly sale. Many wheels often fail here, and the main reason for the failure is cleaning and lubrication, resulting in excessive wear, and finally replacing parts.

The following focuses on telling you about the cleaning problem of the curl wheel:

When maintenance road sub-rim, the first step is to clean for the wheel. In some water quality fishing grounds, when the river reservoir is in the river reservoir, there will often be a lot of sediments, especially when using the PE line, this situation is more serious. Frequent fishing friends are estimated to be familiar with this problem. When they have played a few times, the wheels are dirty. The method is very simple:

The first is to rinse with water:

The most eligible method is to use a clean wet cloth, cotton swab, etc. to wipe the outer surface of the wheel. Some of the rolls can even be flush directly with water (such as Shimano’s wheels), if the internal special dirty, you need to open the side cover. After rinse, use a paper towel or wipe it into the water, then put it in a ventilated place to dry.

After the tools such as cotton swabs, the edge angle and worm cleans the side angle and the worm. The worm portion in the water droplet wheel and the drum is a key cleaning site that needs to be paid, depending on the situation, if it is not very dirty, it is clean, if you are particularly dirty, you need to take a complete cleaning. The most detailed road sub-roll maintenance repair experience (on) The second case is to wash the detergent:

Some parts of the road sub-roller wheel are difficult to clean due to the presence of oil, and the detergent is used. Generally, the washing spirit in the kitchen is particularly good. The specific operation method is to prepare a suitable washing spirit solvent, usually 1: 5 or 1: 8 ratio is the line, and brush with a small brush or a toothbrush, then washed with water. In addition, other cleaning agents can be used to clean off some places where it is not easy to clean with a conventional method such as anhydrous ethanol, special cleaning agent.

After the cleaning is completed, it is necessary to routinely inspected the lubrication of the bearing, the bearings of the wrapping line, the bearing of the worm portion, the pill bearing, and some sliding parts. The bearings on the line cup 2 are the most critical, open the side cover of the wheel, remove the line cup, see the degree of cleaning surface of the bearing surface, and use the hand to turn it, see if it turns smoothly.

It is necessary to mention that the bearings of the new factory reel wheel are good lubricants, as long as they are not particularly dirty or have been used for a long time, they don’t have to be cleaned, and can be used according to the rotation of the bearing. The lubricant is selectively added above. After the worm is cleaned, you can check the situation of the lubricant, which is often supplemented frequently.

The woven bearing on the handle is often easily ignored, and there will be two bearings in the pill of the high-grade roll wheel, which is often in a sealed state, usually Will not be so dirty, just add some lubricants. The most easily ignored is those sliding parts (as shown below), and these parts are cleaned, they also need to remember to add some lubricants to ensure smooth rotation.

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