The habits of cranes and road subquests Raiders

Crane is one of the common fish in Taiwan, especially in the summer and autumn, they will appear within the near-shore sea or harbor. Taiwan’s fishing friends are not very strange to them, while the continent’s fishing friends may only have seen them in the warm sea area of \u200b\u200bFujian, Guangdong, Hainan. Below, let us first meet the crane.

He Wei also known as a cylindrical jaw butterfish, a class of the crane-like Cragmandromandibrali, mainly distributed in the Tropical Sea area of \u200b\u200bthe Indian Ocean to Western Pacific, including China, Taiwan, north And the eastern waters. Cranes like to live in the warm sea area in the water surface, Fujian, Guangdong and Hainan, may also see their traces. The crane is tended, but it will jump out of the water like a flying fish when scared, and hit a small distance from the tail. The crane is a meat fish, visually keen, mainly with small fish.

The crane body is extremely prolonged and slender, a cylindrical shape, a double jaw, a sharp teeth; the body is blue, the abdomen is silver, the dorsal fins and butt fins are located behind the fish; the egg is large , Algae or floating wood, on the ground.

There are three common cranes: the tail crane, Taiwan’s round-tailed crane and the crurate fork. This fish has a vessels in the body, and it is not suitable for raw food, and the fish is rich in smell, and it is more barbecue and fried when eating. Generally, the diners are suspected of cranes, but the residents of the Hengchun Peninsula will put the salt on both sides of the crane, and use the heat to bake, and the taste is first class.

In the north of China, the cranes are commonly known as the Qingqi, as the name refer to the shrinking flag of the shape; because the crane is long with long mouth and slender body, many fists have misunderstanded them It is a needle fish, which is incorrect. Every summer is the peak season of Lurehe, which usually has a reef area that is more than 20 meters in a water depth. In this way, the crane should be the most standard floating object fish. Because they will always be traveled with the sea, unlike other fish species, if they can’t catch in the water, they can catch the preparations. The crane is always about one feet in the sea, and the bait is deeply caught in turn.

He Wei is very greedy, seeing the preparation will not hesitate to rush over, I often see that they are fiercely snapped in the sea in the distance, sometimes even the top of the bait Out of sea. However, because they grow a long mouth, we don’t want to immediately immediately when you just feel like fish, and they are likely to swallow. We can wait a moment, soon, we will see the premium to move quickly, or it is completely sinking into the water. At this time, we just have to force the horses, basically the hand is coming. It is best to catch a tide or a rising tide while making a fishing, because the waves are not going to be shore, so the sky is bright, we can go to the sky, and the crane in the sky will disappear without trace. Therefore, we must master the tidal time before you get fishing.

Many of the fishermen in Taiwan in China are bait with live fish, such as autumn knife fish, bitter, and blue scales, such as autumn knife fish. Therefore, it is best to choose a moderate bait fish when purchasing a bait. After the crane hooked, it will jump out of the sea, or twisted the body like a flagfish, which is very beautiful, so it is very interesting nita fishing object fish. After the fisherman struggled to throw the fishing group, or made it along the flow, or slowly closed, soon he felt very obvious fish news.

As early as three or four decades ago, the southern part of Taiwan in China has raised a fishing law for cranes. When I was in the middle of the middle, I often saw some streams in the south of Taiwan, with a long range of 5.4 meters or 6.3 meters, equipped with a large gossip wheel, then blow a large plastic bag, and made a large-scale buoy. Their fishing groups are mostly 30 pounds of nylon lines with a nine hook from 18 to 20, and hook a small fish on hook. After thrown into the sea, it is possible to let it drifting with the wind to a few hundred meters. Among the warm sea areas in the southern part of China, there are some surface-like fish clusters activities in the offshore, and the fisherman will immediately pull the shore. The fisherman made this action is because the fishing line at the time is basically a nylon line, and the nylon wire has great ductility, so in a few hundred meters of fishery, I want to make the fish hook firmly In the mouth, the fisherman must run a distance to make the hook of the other end of the nylon line to kill. The fish on the other end of the fishing line is often a squid, or the protagonist of this article — Cranes.

If the crane is listed as a road as an Asian object, it is quite difficult. First, from its mouth construction, the long mouth is like a pair of chopsticks that have been filled with fine teeth, which is hard to bite the bait. However, if we pay attention to this details, the special nozzle configuration is performed for its special nozzle. According to this, the elongated water-plane preparation or shallow water is equipped with elongated three hooks to meet all the conditions of Luya Crane. Of course, after we master the point of choice of the bait, we must also study the fishing skills carefully.

1. Fishing Tool equipment

1. Fishing rod: 2.7 ~ 3.6 meters long M-stranded shank (depending on fishing environment), fishing line load is 16 ~ 20 pounds, suitable The bait is 12 ~ 28 grams.

2. Wheels: 3000 ~ 4000 spin wheel, the line cup capacity is from 1.5 PE lines 200 meters or 2.0 PE lines 150 meters.

3. Suitable for fishing lines: 1.5 ~ 2.0 PE main line with 3.0 carbon lead wire.

4. Suitable for the bait: 7 ~ 9 cm long fish-shaped bait, 10 ~ 15 grams of weight, please refer to the above.

Second, the fishing skills

1. The main activities of the crane are in the upper sea area (0 ~ 3 meters deep), which is extremely sensitive to the light, they are generally only in summer, autumn The morning twilight is close to the shore, the rest of the remaining period is far from the shore, so the best time for fishing cranes is the premium time.

2. The essentials of the feeding bait are on the uniform collection line, plus the sputum in the water from time to time, so that the bait is similar to the movement of the spasm in the water, so it is easy to attract the crane. Do not quickly collect the wire during the fishing process, otherwise the fishing effect of the bait will be greatly reduced.

3. When the crane is baits, the feelings of the rickets are very obvious, but when the raft is rushing, the results are mostly empty. This is because the crane is attacked, but the fish hook has not pierced the fish mouth, so it will cause obvious phenomenon of fish and no fish. In this case, even the old hands cannot be avoided, only according to the ocean flow and fish activity, can effectively improve the price of the fish rate. There is also a special road sub-fishing law in the Hualie area in the eastern Taiwan in China. It can reach 100% for the hit rate of the crane. With regard to this special fishing method, we left an opportunity to introduce again.

III: Precautions

1. The crane in Taiwan is a lot of fish, but the requirements for Lurenyu are very high, want to challenge the fishing of the crane. Friends have enough patience.

2. There is a green line parasite in the crane body, so we must not be eaten, you must take a delicious way.

3. The crane will tend to jump out of the water after the hook, although it is not to tear the fishing line, it is often wrapped around the fishing line. When this happens, we must replace the lead wire after picking the fish, you must pay attention.

4. There are many seafood snacks near the northern fishing in the southern fishing in the northern fishing gear. .

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