Share the skills of iron fishing in the road

I believe that the fishing friends who like Lurejun bait are not strange to jigging (tracera). It is often seen in the sea fishing video. Asian bait, we are used to becoming this fishing method into highpitch. Although the friend who controls this fishing method is very man, it is very hard, usually takes a long exercise to make it easy. In the water depth of 300 meters, it is fishing. If the support of the subvitable iron plate is 600 grams, once the anti-postal force is insufficient (too just), it will encounter the wrist ligament and tendon strain or break. . I will refer to the karate of the fishing in the sea.

Share the skills of iron fishing in the road

Lure Scho-speed iron plate fishing method equipment options

Road sub-slow iron board fishing method of the fish species of the fish species There is also a kind of sunshade advanced fish species, and the swimming layer is 30 meters to 600 meters. The equipment for this fishing method is different from the equipment of the general high-speed tray. It is a swimming position that uses the fishing rod and the line group to make the iron plate slowly jumped. Therefore, the adjustment of the fishing rod is high-speed iron plate fishing rod Soft, which is also developed for the flat characteristics of the slow iron plate. Most of the version of the slow road sub-board is a wide-flat water droplet or broad-leaved type. It is necessary to consider another feature of the fishing rod when they have been in the water. Waist force. Of course, the streamlined type can also, so when the fishing friends choose the road sub-board, you can first investigate the water depth of the fishing field, the flow rate of the ocean flow, and the type of the object fish.

Share the skills of iron fishing in the road In the way in the carbon cloth, this type of fishing rod adopts the inverse alternating manner, and the fish can fully feel the stimulation of the fish. The fiscal angle of fishing rod will also be surprised.

On the choice of the wire wheel, it is recommended that the fishing friends choose a small wheel of 6.0: 1 or more. At present, the multi-slow circuit sub-iron board special wheel sold in the market is dominated by Star Drag, which is more stepped by the push-based brakes when the ventilation is fine-tuning.

The maximum number of fishing lines is No. 3 8-ed line, which is based on YGK 8 shares PE3, which is close to 25 kg of pull-up value to meet various medium type. Turning fish, thinner line dialators can make the road subvitable bait on the seawater more natural and will not deviate from the fishing point under the impact of the water flow. The flow rate in different seas is different. There may be three or even four-layer flow in the Pacific ditch in the middle of the east of Taiwan, there may be three or even four-layer streams, so the throttle will present S-type in the water, if used A phenomenon that the diameter of the thick fish will have an unevenness. Typically, in such a deep water fishing spot, the fish bite hook has a viscous sense; but the thi the line diameters of the fishing line, the more real the bite of the fishing friends. Share the skills of iron fishing in the road

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