Lure rod fishing rod


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Carbon lure rod straight handle gun handle Black fishing rod:

Fishing: M MH two kinds

with slightly: single slightly

Material: high carbon, pole body X cross ribbon

Configuration: high-end LS ring, smoother exit

Fishing rod length: 1980 (mm)

Fishing place: River fishing rod

Tonal: Hard fishing

Weight: 132(g)

Length after shrinkage: 1050(mm)

Number of knots: 2 (knots)


1. This product is 40T excellent high-carbon material, light and hard. It’s the weapon of Luya masters!

2.1.98; 2.1m; 2.29; 2.4m 4 sizes, straight handle and gun handle are available to meet the needs of different fishermen

3. This product has been widely acclaimed in the export market. It ensures the lightness of the rod body, accurate throwing, and enhances the practicability of accessories

4. Added 2.1m MH tuning, creating a distinctive fast tuning experience

5. The pole body “X”-shaped cross ribbon is stronger and more beautiful.



Lure rod fishing rod Lure rod fishing rod Lure rod fishing rod Lure rod fishing rod


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