What is the best for Sea fishing reel?


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What is the best for Sea fishing reel?:New long cast wheel

Model: TP10000

Color: black+red

Number of bearings: 13BB+1RB

Speed ratio: 4.1:1

Weight: 664G

Brake force: 12KG

Line capacity: 0.4mm/500M, 0.48mm/420M, 0.57mm/280M


Main body–Engineering plastics

Rocker arm –Aluminum alloy

wire cup–aluminum alloy

Tooth Rod–Copper

Sprocket–Zinc Alloy


Total length: 150mm

Height: 170mm

wire wheel diameter: 75mm

wire shell width 108mm

Foot length 76mm


What is the best for Sea fishing reel? What is the best for Sea fishing reel? What is the best for Sea fishing reel? What is the best for Sea fishing reel?


What is the best reel for beach fishing?

It mainly depends on the type of sea fishing you will use, whether you are going to sea or rock fishing? If you are going to sea, is it trolling or slow-rolling iron plate? Rocky fishing can choose spinning wheel style, you can also use small drums, trolling reels for sea trolling , Slowly rocking iron plate fishing method choose iron plate drum. There are various options for different fishing reels, but there is really nothing good within 300. The fishing reels for sea fishing, especially the drums, are basically at the level of 1,000 yuan, but the so-called price is what you pay for. It is recommended to match it on different occasions. After all, if you go to sea, you will spend a lot of money at a time. You must have a catch to ensure that you feel it is worth it, and you will be more interested and confident in the future.

Fishing reels, also called fishing reels, reels, and reels, are called fishing carts in ancient times. They are one of the necessary fishing tackles for throwing (sea) rods. They usually have crank, rocker, backstop button, main body, caster, A wire reel, wire reel, caster nut, wire hook, wire shell, force relief device and other 11 main components are a wire-retracting transmission device. The fishing tackle fixed in front of the handle of the caster constitutes a fishing set for the caster. The main fishing tackle.

Principle of selection: Before choosing a fishing vessel, you must first think about what you plan to use it for? This is the same as buying a fishing rod. The first condition is that you must buy the right thing. Although many times, many kinds of fishing vessels can be used (or replaced). For example, small and medium-sized trolling fishing vessels (12lb, 20lb, 30lb, etc.) can be used for heavy-duty fishing, drift fishing, shallow sea boat fishing, and teppanyaki. Fishing; small and medium-sized spinning wheels (with line capacity within 150m of No. 4) can be used for floating rock fishing, sinking, artificial bait casting and other aspects. However, there are many times when many fishing vessels are irreplaceable and the only suitable ones. For example, when engaging in ultra-deep seas, you must use extra-large powerful electric wheels!

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